arti-tech // a new makeup trend from M.A.C

posted by Courtney
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a trend we are loving this season is graphic eyeliner, so contemporary and artistic we couldn’t help but create this look for our spring photoshoot!!! thanks to meggie from M.A.C for creating this look for us on the day!

here's what M.A.C say about this new season trend...

while a black liquid liner can be inextricably linked with the past (a twenties flapper, forties feline, fifties wings, sixties flicks, seventies punk, eighties new wave...), makeup artists this season have shrugged off the liners’ retro connotations and are considering the contemporary graphicism of a black line interpreted in an unconventional manner. “this season isn’t about liner being classic,” explains gordon spinet. “its about liner as an etching, about it creating a geometry on the face”. beauty is very much in this detail though. for while these lines are fragmented in their structure, by respecting the architecture of the eye shape, they tailor and still very much enhance the face.

we love working with M.A.C makeup artists for our photoshoots, they never seize to amaze us!!  they are super creative and always know how to introduce new makeup trends for our new season collections!

 check out meggie in action behind the scenes at our latest spring shoot...

our freinds at M.A.C have suggested a few of their fave eyeliner products - they are key tools in the execution of the arti-tech trend - must haves to add to your makeup collection!!

Fluidline in Blacktrack (RRP $38.00)  and  Chromagraphic Pencil in Black Black (RRP $36.00)


Liquid Liner in Boot Black (RRP $40.00) and Penultimate Eyeliner in Rapidblack (RRP $40.00)


and heres how it looked on the day!!