field trip goodness!

posted by kellie taylor
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so we popped up to hong kong last week as a crazy last moment decision!! on the friday i said to aria (who has been designing with me for three seasons), 'if i said we were flying to hong kong on sunday would you have a current passport?!'

luckily her answer was yes and we were on the midnight flight out of auckland! for aria it was her first big overseas adventure and it was fun sharing her first experiences of such a crazy city!!!

we had four days of retail madness, soaking up new trends, fabrications and colours. the biggest gain with any overseas trip is how you get transported from your everyday life into a focused world of product, imagery and culture. what can take weeks to consume online and through magazines takes moments.

we shared some great conversations with taxi drivers who were once senior corporate managers pre the financial crisis, ate more food standing up than one should and even enjoyed a good coffee or two, courtesy of 'fuel', the wellington coffee establishment that has braved it all to take on the east. gabe the co-owner who is based up there is going where no kiwi coffee guy has gone before, and is actually serving good coffee in hong kong!!!

it was a fun four days and to arrive home again in sunny auckland to fresh air with clear blue skies had us feeling like two lucky gals indeed!

designer cafe in lane crawford, harbour city

hats hats - glorious hats!

delicious pistachio chocolate blocks at agnes b

mmmmm a little home comfort of a flat white never goes a stray in a foriegn city

the shops never sleep... so neither did we!!! so much to take in!