look good for a good night in!

posted by kellie taylor
styling tips / new in store / winter

ahhh, winter. we were thinking about what you might be up to during your cooler winter evenings and it occurred to us that a fabulous night in may be in order. whether you have a night in planned with your girlfriends or a few couples coming over for a dinner party, you need to make sure you look good doing it!!!

dress up your stay at home look with the sparkle of sequin, the drape of silk or the soft touch of merino. when you are entertaining at home, this is not an excuse for old rugby socks and your gym sweater, you need to embrace the moment and be super chic as you open your front door! it might even call for heels ladies (or marigold ballet flats)!

we love the thought of a pair of merino y pants so you can snuggle up on the couch with your glass of wine, without concentrating too much on your posture! add a silk tee or a sequined sweater to add that touch of luxury. mmmmmm.... divine!

layering faithful dresses with bread and butter styles is also a smart way to go, this look is super flattering and easy to move around in when you are being a killer hostess!

if you really want to knock 'em dead, a black dress like the chain dress shown with the slide sweater is pretty amazing. there is no need to be shy you, are setting the scene for a great night.

the key is effortless cool. do not over cook your makeup, maybe keep to nude colors like our model here, but be sure to reapply your lips during the evening, so you look as good when your guests leave as when they arrived!!

once you are sorted don't forget to burn some scented candles and pop some fresh cut flowers in a vase or two! turn up the mix tape playlist we have for you and have a great night!!!