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posted by Hannah
bread and butter / autumn 2011

ohhhhh you can feel the chill in the air now huh! as we approach june it certainly feels like winter is settling in!

if you're not already familiar with our ‘bread and butter’ collection in viscose lycra and/or merino, now is the time to embrace it! these pieces take away the challenges of cold, sheer and clingy fabrics and offer you confidence in exchange. at moochi we dress from the inside out and it shows! these pieces will change your life, you should own them all!!!

my fav winter essential for the last 3 years has been the lengthy slip. I wear them underneath everything, dresses, shirts, jackets you name it! we have chosen fabrications that will lift any mood in camel, portobello mushroom, charcoal as well as your classic black!

my two new bread & butter favourites are the tube skirt and cate midi with their sexy below the knee pencil shape. hot!!!

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