need a winter glow?

posted by Hannah

over the long weekend i had the joy of introducing my skin to a whole knew regime of dermalogica products! and i WOW i am impressed, that mixed with some R&R i am feeling like a new person!!!

my fav new products and must haves for winter are two exfoliating products, the dermalogica daily microfoliant will literally change your life! dust like in texture with small rice enzymes, add with a dash of water and apply to the face, you skin will love you for it and get rid of all those teeny lumps that build up on your face! seriously amazing!!!

my other favourite is the exfoliating body scrub - a must in everybody's shower! perfect for lifting any dry skin with a whole lot of delicious essential oils - follow up with the body hydrating cream and you are good to go!!!

so that's my thoughts for keeping your skin glowing for winter! let me know your tips!

for more information check out our friends at dermalogicas website here