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moochi people

above: lucy wears the strappy crop, shell tee, glide pant, squared necklace, serpent bracelet and column ring.

above: lucy wears the weave crop, twilight shirt, serpent bracelet and mr bucket hat.

above: lucy wears the strappy cropshell teeglide pantsquared necklaceserpent braceletcolumn ring and wrapt flatform.

above: lucy wears the strappy cropshell teeglide pant, and squared necklace.

above: lucy wears the gift tee, skate skirt, tipped espys, quadrant necklace, plain clutch and serpent bracelet.

above: luce wears the shell tee, jacksonville jacket and link stacker rings.

above: lucy wears the weave croptwilight shirtserpent braceletmr bucket hat and link stacker rings.

the moochi team is made up of some amazing, talented... and not to mention well-dressed people. we show you a behind-the-scenes look at the superstars that make up the team and take a peek inside their wardrobes to see how they style their everyday looks.

this week, lucy from moochi ward in hamilton shows us how she styles moochi into her working wardrobe.

as well as being a valued team member at our hamilton store, lucy moore is also the brains and creative talent behind the growing local brand, the wolf cub, through which she is responsible for creating some beautiful hand-crafted and luscious floral headbands and head pieces to custom order.

check out some of her work:

moochi xx all the frills christmas window installation project

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to bring a little cheer to our windows for the 2014 holiday season, we partnered with the creative and crafty melanie holt from local event styling busines all the frills to create a hand-crafted window display that captures the essence of the new high-summer styles and holiday feeling in the windows of moochi stores. through mel's experience as the director of all the frills, she's created some beauitful event designs (sneak a peek at some of her work here) so we knew she was the perfect person for the job. 

finding inspiration from the theme and colour palette of our new holiday range, mel designed a confetti window installation (made by hand!) to create a festive but modern decoration for our store front. we think this is perfectly suited to our motto for the holiday season... throw kindness around like confetti!

mel has also created a confetti bar in our newmarket store for tomorrow's teed street christmas party event. so come along and make up you own little box of confetti goodness to keep for yourself or use in your holiday celebrations.

here's a little behind the scenes look at the installation process - read on for mel's how-to for confetti making and how to bring this simple and effective craft into your gift giving this christmas.


steps for making confetti jar gifts: 

1. pull together a fun colour combination and gather your tissue
2. cut end of the tissue into strips
3. cut through the strips to make squares or rectangles of confetti.
4. once all the tissue is cut, mix colours together, you now have confetti!

these confetti jars make for the cutest hostess gift just as is or gift wrapping alternative, just hide a moochi gift card or jewellery inside and finish off by customising the jar with an acrylic marker pen.


hamilton factory sale

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#mymoochistyle featuring shannon ryan

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whether presenting awards to new zealand’s finest musicians at the vodafone nz music awards or handing out challenges on the block nz, everyday girl shannon ryan always looks the part. we've enjoyed dressing shannon for some her appearances on this latest season of the block nz and love the way she styles moochi into her wardrobe. according to this moochi girl, comfort is key!

see what shannon styled for her #mymoochistyle shoot at ostro seafarers britomart. thanks to mac cosmetics and dry & tea for creating shannon's look.

above: shannon wears the jump cami and catch pants (in store late november).

above: shannon wears the chant cami and glide pant.

above: shannon wears the gift tee, cruise jacket and high top cropped jeans.

above: shannon wears the chant playsuit, ransom crop and sequence necklace.

above: shannon wears the jump cami, catch pants (in store late november) and in muse slide.

above: shannon wears the gift tee and high top cropped jeans.

above: shannon wears the chant camiglide pant and muse slide.

my personal style is… 
comfort. i’ll dress up to the nines or rock around in shorts and a tee. but if the motive to wear something is based on an image or expectation rather than me just feeling good and true in what i wear i can’t hack it! thats why i have loved wearing moochi... i can go either way!

this spring i'm wearing… 
playsuits and jumpsuits. and a hat! the Kiwi sun is harsh, so being on top of my hat game is important to me.

at the moment i'm loving... 
beach time! i’m in the process of getting my new custom boards by blank surf board made up. we’ve played around with colour and design and i’ve never been so excited about this kind of process! i should have it by december so be prepared for lots of instagram shots of my new friend. she’ll be a beauty!

i can't wait for summer to wear...
the moochi weave crop with EVERYTHING. i love to throw on a loose tee or tank, and a lot of tops now (or at least mine!) are quite sheer so the crops work magic. i'm also a keen overall wearer and the crop pairs perfectly with my denim obsession.

right now I'm working on…
the block nz? live final and the upcoming the vodafone nz music awards. the?se two projects keep me on my toes amongst the rest of the madness. every week is so varied for me, and having two incredible live and super fun events to focus on is always a treat.

follow shannon's style on twitter and instagram: 

back to basics

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street style

coming into summer, there's nothing we love more than easy-to-wear, throw-on-and-go pieces like a classic tee. this can be so much more than just a slouchy sunday style for your dates with the couch, so if this basic is currently being used as your workout tee or has been relegated to the pyjama pile, you might need us to stage a little wardrobe resuscitation to bring it back into the fold of everyday dressing.

while a wardrobe warrior like your favourite tee will always make the grade for casual weekend wear, bringing it into your office or after-hours wardrobe may prove a tad trickier... but well worth the extra styling effort to create a look that's effortlessly chic. the secret is to keep things classic, without appearing overly casual.

first, choose a tee that isn’t too fitted or too short. our gift tee is a great shape for this purpose with a relaxed fit and straight cut. elevated design elements are a welcome addition too, like slightly-longer-than-capped sleeves, a flattering neckline or a silk-trimmed hem.

from there, it's all about styling. try adding structure with tailored additions, like an elegantly draped, long-line vest (try our state vest) or a classic black blazer (the structured tailoring of the argos jacket will complete your look). finish with an element of grunge by adding statement jewellery pieces in silver or gold (see the moochi range here). 

our favourite basic tee, the gift tee, is now available in grey marle:


our street style inspiration:

#mymoochistyle featuring clare van den berg from odettes

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we caught up with clare van den berg, one half of the successful auckland couple who originally created zus & zo, then zomer and now odettes eatery. serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, odettes is set to be the go-to eatery for 2014. complete with a covered outdoor courtyard, the decor is welcoming and warm while at the same time indutrial in setting. teal scallop tiles line the long bar, and turquoise hues sit well against wood-clad walls. you can't miss the oversized slim aarons photograph featuring beautiful people by the pool, and all of this before you've even cast eyes on the menu of shared plates, sandwiches and salads which are beyond delicious. some of our favourites are pictured below.

not only is clare busy with running zomer in takapuna, designing and project managing their new eatery she is also 14 weeks pregnant. we caught up with clare last week as they were putting together the final touches at odettes and clare showed us how she styles moochi into her everyday, even with a growing baby bump. 

'my personal style is paired back and classic I would say…classic pieces are a must in a wardrobe, then you can add the fun pieces to them from season-to-season.  i love a great shoe and hand bag.  i need to get ready fast in the mornings so i have a basics range which i add too. good jeans are a must.  a good outfit is one you can add a heel to for the evening & feel ready to go and a splash of colour on the lips!  dry & tea - i love you for my blow waves!  always making me feel a million dollars.

clare wears kiss sweat and lux pant

'i styled this outfit as i love pattern-on-pattern.  this jumper is fresh and has a great spring feel - perfect for a summer evening or I would wear this to work as it is perfect for running around in the cafes.  casual but chic!  with my growing bump, it's also super soft, comfortable and breathable in cotton'


clare wears twilight shirt and des pants

'at the moment i’m loving being pregnant! we cannot wait to meet our little boy/girl come march.  my husband Joost & I are over the moon!'

clare wears twilight shirt,  des pants and chain slides

'who can go by a great white shirt? this is great for work in the day, then pop on a wedge or pump into the night for hosting the eatery'


'i can’t wait for summer… the beach, being with my husband, family & friends…this is very important to us when we are not at work.  the simple pleasures of life and enjoying our house.  we are also real home bodies!'



clare wears grab dress, piper jacket and luxe courts

"i love a good leather jacket and this one is a great fit - slung over the shoulders or done up it's sup[er versatile. this dress is perfect for my bump - a great evening dress as well as for day with a pair of converse! all of the staff wear converse at odettes which we love' 

'this spring i’m wearing dresses, lots of dresses….i also love shirts. benim, blue & white shirts, I can never have enough or go past a good one'

clare wears naut tunic and twice shorts

"I love these shorts, they're a great fit.  i styled these two together as i love navy. this outfit works very well in Odettes as the palette is blue, which I am drawn to as it's a very calming colour.  i would wear this look from day to night with a quick change of shoes' 

'right now I am working on odettes eatery! it is so exciting opening a new place and we are so energised by it.  we have zomer café in takapuna - our beach side café & now odettes eatery which is a different vibe again - casual dining - breakfast, lunch and dinner or morning, noon & night.'




raw coconut and raspberry o-balls made by olivia at the raw kitchen 

to celebrate our summer / resort COLLECTION launch in store this week, we were treated with some delicious raw coconut and raspberry o-balls created with love for moochi customers by olivia scott from The Raw Kitchen.

so why go raw? with the onset of summer, olivia passed on to us some timely and wise advice on the benefits of a raw food diet at this time of year and shares with us a delicious recipe to get you started.

WHY RAW? The benefits of a Raw Food Diet

dear moochi readers,

as the season becomes warmer, we more naturally move towards cooler fresher foods, as an abundance of new fruits become available like avocadoes, sweetcorn, peaches, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries and cherries. spring is all about rebirth. so, this month I am excited to be discussing the benefits of eating raw, so we can move into this new season in glowing health.

so what really is raw? and why is it good for us? raw foods are anything from fruit, vegetables, sea vegetables, nuts and seeds, to the more complex foods like sprouted grains, dehydrated crackers, raw cheesecakes or raw breads.

raw food is food that is not heated above 48 degrees celsius, or not denatured by chemicals, pastueristaion or irradiation. it has it’s full nutritional content and vitamins, minerals and enzymes are not diminished through cooking. preparation such as blending, dehydrating or juicing are the main ways to prepare raw food by keeping the nutrients intact while still staying delicious!

as you begin to eliminate foods such as dairy, wheat, gluten, refined sugar and increase raw foods, your body begins to cleanse and alkalize. it gives your body the ability to use more nutrients and energy to give back to your body systems. benefits include:

  • better digestion
  • improved skin and complexion
  • freater energy
  • hormone imbalance
  • better hydrated
  • improved immunity
  • weight loss
  • slows down the aging process
  • better sleep
  • better bowel regularity
  • a general well being and joyfulness

of course balance is always the key, it is important to listen to your own body and what is right.  whether you start incorporating one raw meal a day into your diet, or you dive right in - it is important that it is practical and can work into your daily regime and lifestyle.  

here are some tips i have for busy ladies on the go:

1. bulk making: make up raw smoothies and soups at the beginning of the week and pop them into small containers for the freezer. this can be a raw breakfast and lunch sorted for the week without even thinking about it for another 6 days.

2. keep a container in the fridge of nuts (almonds, cashews, brazil, walnut, pecan) soaking in water. this 'activates' the nuts as it removes the enzyme inhibiting outer layer of the nut, allowing our body to digest the nut properly without feeling heavy, allowing us to absorb maximum nutrients. these are great for snacking through the day, and a great protein source.

3. use chia seeds for quick and easy puddings. chia seeds absorb water and form a jelly consistency, which make for delicious concoctions when combined with coconut milk, cinnamon and a little sweetener (such as raw honey or pure coconut sugar). leaving this in the fridge overnight makes for a great breakfast option, or even make one before dinner and have for dessert! chia also provide great essential fatty acids.

4. kale chips are a popular but oh so easy way to incorporate raw foods, and an incredible load of nutrients! people quite often ask where i get my iron from - kale has more iron than beef! if you rub some coconut oil on your kale, sprinkle some jimalayan sea salt over the top and pop them in the oven for 20 minutes on a very low heat (or until crispy) - voila! great for pre-dinner snacks.

5. at dinner time try and have a vegetable raw on your dinner plate that you would usually cook. for example: carrot, zucchini, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower.

6. add some raw fruits to your salads to increase your enzyme intake.

7. sauces: these are really what make raw lunches and dinners fun. i love making up sauces with cashews, savoury yeast flakes and apple cider vinegar. apple cider vinegar not only helps with digestion of the food, it adds a great flavour to vegetable dishes, and helped me a lot at initially when easing into the raw diet.

have a happy healthy november, and enjoy my recipe for lemon blueberry cheesecake.

olivia x


lemon, vanilla bean and blueberry raw cheesecake
serves 12-16

2 hours soaking
20 minutes preparation
8 hours setting

22cm springform pan
baking Paper
food processor

2 cups almonds
1 cup pitted dates (soaked 2 hours)
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla bean
1 tsp himalayan sea salt

4 cups cashews (soaked 2 hours)
1 cup coconut oil
1 cup coconut milk
½ cup lemon juice
1.5 cups water
½ cup agave syrup
3 tbsp psyllium husks
1 vanila pod
1 tsp himalayan sea salt

to garnish:
½ cup fresh blueberries

in a food processor, process the almonds, vanilla bean, and sea salt until fine. add your coconut oil and process further until thoroughly mixed. now add your dates and blend until well mixed and the mixture is sticky. press this into your lined springform pan and make sure the base is flat – use the back of a spoon for this.

in your blender, combine cashews, coconut milk, lemon juice, water, agave syrup, vanilla and sea salt until well combined and creamy. now add your coconut oil and blend further. once a consistency similar to thick custard is reached, add your psyllium husk and blend further. work quickly once you add the psyllium as this is going to help it set.

pour on top of base and scrape the sides of your food processor with a spatula. flatted the top and decorate with your berries.

place in the freezer for 8 hours (overnight).

when you take out, clip off the spring form pan sides when frozen, and it will take 30-4 minutes to defrost. it will last one week in the fridge after this day.

enjoy with more berries or coconut yoghurt!

for more tips on going raw, and living a healthy, positive lifestyle check out The Raw Kitchen Blog

enjoy coaqua in store today

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summer collection / events

taste the fruit of the tropical sun with a complimentary coaqua coconut water in store today at all moochi stores. plus, exclusively for moochi customers, purchase coaqua online before 19 nov and get 15% off - go to and use the discount code: cocolovesmoochi

gift with purchase

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summer collection

to celebrate the onset of summer and the launch of our summer / resort 2014 COLLECTION, we have a special treat for those who are first to purchase from our limited edition summer COLLECTION range in store or online from tomorrow, friday 7 november.

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