m o o c h i

palette three | lucent

an external expression of an inward journey, moochi presents palette three: lucent, whose directional aesthetic and interplay between past and present/masculine and feminine/light and dark pays homage to where we’ve been whilst moving the wearer ever-onwards

delivering from wednesday 23 june

in store and online

trenchie jacket | trenchie skirt

boss boot

fuse sweater

fuse cardi

gilded dress

gilded top

league waistcoat | league pant

agile dress | imperial boot | web belt

plicate shirt

league waistcoat | league pant

shorty shacket

order top | cohort skirt | master loafer

cohort skirt

funnel skin

whom dress

esteemed midi dress

confine dress

gilded tee

troop jumpsuit

troop shirt | the trenchie

split vest

layer skirt

lept top

Troop parka
Troop pant

line shirt dress

direct top
direct dress

upraise dress

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