m o o c h i people


hear straight from our moochi team about our goals and ambitions for our time at home. from fitness goals to up skilling goals, our moochi people are keeping busy!

get some inspiration and let us know your goals for lockdown, tag us on social media and use the hashtag #moochimuses


our creative director kellie kicks things off with her hilarious take on goals for lockdown:

kellie creative director


my goal is Don’t kill teenage son

Don’t emotional maim teenage son through yelling

Don’t evict teenage son

Make teenage son fold his own washing

Make teenage son clean the bathroom and use the vacuum cleaner

Ensure teenage son gets through work set by school before it too late

Teach teenage son to cook

Put hammer through PlayStation so teenage son has to consider other ways to spend lockdown

i love him - but the playstation may not survive!


milly heights store manager


my goal is to use this time at home to get creative and start drawing or sewing again


katrin inventory


my goal is work out everyday + finish a book each week – to maintain fitness levels and to balance out my constant visits to the fridge and pantry


laura marketing assistant


my goal is to take this time to learn something new – whether its an online course, a new recipe or simply mastering the perfect brownie


catherine customer experience


my goal is to work out 2 hours per day. Try not to kill my 6 year old (lol). Teach him English and maths and get him outside some of the day while I work on buisness plans for moochi


nat ecommerce manager


my goal is to get better at baking... cake and cookies are my starting point – upskill in the kitchen. cakes for family at the end of this!


lara village store manager


my goal is to be able to come out of iso with a range of fresh new healthy meals that I have learnt to cook as I want to use this new found time we have wisely! I was just gifted the Beauty Chef Gut Guide for my birthday so I will be studying that everyday for some yummy new dishes that will also support a healthy immune system during this scary / crazy time!


mimi brand & graphics


my goal is my goal is to go for a walk each day – im conscious to keep moving and get outside and avoid slipping into a sleep-work-eat routine... obie however will just be sleeping and eating


alex marketing manager


my goal is to meditate daily - rest the mind, keep perspective ! Try out new recipes and learn to make bread. Practice boxing with my partner and enjoy prolonged morning cuddles with my dog Kiwi. Go on a walk without my phone to take it all in, take time to watch colours change in the sky everyday at sunset.


mariah marketing operations


my goal is to Learn French, walk 5k and 30 mins yoga everyday – Exercise the mind, body, soul everyday!


michelle light capsule store manager


my goal is my goal is to take 30 minutes each day to do some calming yoga outside in the sun if I can – to try take a moment to relax and stay active


nicky undercover store manager


my goal is to work out daily / complete one daily task around the house / Spend quality but fun time with our sons - we have set up the table tennis table, backyard cricket and basketball to keep everyone connected through isolation / game nights & movie nights, all things we can do together


alex p GM retail


my goal is to Run everyday - try to get addicted to it! feel good, look good people!