nothing beats a bold bunch of blooms, and the very talented saskia of saskia and patrice knows how to inspire with dried arrangements and hand crafted styling

our latest my moochi style muse, saskia is the creative behind the incredible foliage styling in our latest palette four: in bloom campaign. we sat down with saskia and talked all things flowers, fashion, and the future of her exciting side hustle⁠

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What an amazing offering you have as a business! Take us back to the beginning, how did saskia & patrice come to be?  


it’s a bit surreal to call myself a business owner, because i still feel like i’m just a girl in a garage creating things that i love. from a young age i’ve always been drawn to flowers, foraging and styling. even as a 15-year-old with a new drivers licence i would be on the look-out for the treasures i could forage, pulling the car over and fitting as much as i could in my tiny boot. what began as a passion has turned into a wee side business and creative outlet! when it comes to the business name, patrice is actually my middle name. i wanted to choose a business name that was authentically me and something that i really connected to, so quite naturally i chose my name (thanks mum and dad)! i often get asked "who is patrice?", sometimes i just say, "she's the admin lady" - haha

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what sets saskia & patrice apart from other florists or event creative brands on the market?


at s&p each arrangement, installation or creation is an authentic, one of a kind piece. i take my inspiration from nature, especially drawing from the tones, textures and natural drying and preserving processes that you can find just by getting out of the city and into the bush. you can guarantee that each piece by s&p is hand crafted, and an inspired treasure from my heart to yours, made to be enjoyed for years to come.

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tell us a bit about your work, side hustle, life balance? how does it all fit together? 


saskia & patrice really is a side hustle! during the day i work as an events coordinator and my evenings can often fill up during the week with creating/sourcing, playing netball, catching up with friends and watching the farmer wants a wife (10/10 would recommend). i love being busy doing what I love, and s&p doesn’t feel like work at all.

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we are huge fans of your creative masterpieces here at moochi. as an amazing young entrepreneurial women, what do you love about moochi?  


i love how moochi has high-quality garments that never go out of style and work with everything in your wardrobe. you could wear a moochi piece season after season and still get comments from friends 5 years later!

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what are your favourite things about florals and fashion? what inspires you?  


i love how florals and fashion are an opportunity to extend a piece of yourself to the world. you’re saying “hey world, this is me, created and expressed uniquely”. just by going for a walk in nature I’m inspired by how every plant, leaf, and flower is slightly different from it’s neighbour, and that encourages me to not be afraid of taking risks or creating something different.

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tell us about your journey to creating the amazing pieces that were featured in our latest palette four campaign shoot?  


i wanted to create a minimal yet powerful installation that made a statement using muted beige and brown hues with softer textural elements. i really enjoy being hands on in all aspects of my floral designs - from the sourcing, to the creating, to the on the day installation. each part of the journey has blood, sweat and tears. literally - i still have the scratches to prove it!

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what challenges (if any) have you faced in the growth and development of your brand and business?  


working a full time day job and running a small business on the side can be tough at times. i would love to turn this side hustle into a full time gig, but i’m learning to be patient and enjoy the journey, taking the opportunities as they come.

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what is the next step for saskia & patrice?  


i want to venture further into the wedding and events industry, and expand the styling offering of saskia & patrice. i have a passion for creating pieces that have a longer life span than just a wedding day, ensuring florals are more of an investment than an afterthought. by creating long lasting dried arrangements and installations, brides can enjoy and reflect on their special day for years after.

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what’s a quote you live by?  


“is your heart hungry for truth and flowers? -eat such things for breakfast.”
– tess guinery

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