for every $600 spent, a credit of $50 will be put on your moochi money account!

to belong to the moochi money program and have an up to date account in your name you must provide to us a valid email address and cellphone number, and keep these active. failure to keep these valid and active (i.e. unsubscribing or opting out of communications from moochi) will terminate your account and expire any moochi money on the account. to help us to record your moochi money accurately, you must provide your customer number when making a qualifying purchase at any participating moochi store or online. moochi money is earned through making qualifying purchases and may only be earned and redeemed by the person named on the account. moochi money is not transferable. we are not responsible for any moochi money that doesn't appear in your account if a sales person fails to credit moochi money to your account or for any other reason. we will only enter into discussions or correspondence with you, about crediting missing moochi money to your account if you supply proof (the original purchase receipt) of your qualifying purchase. your claim for missing moochi money must be made within three months of the original purchase date you cannot earn moochi money on qualifying purchases that are not paid for in full or to the extent that the applicable purchase transaction is returned, refunded, or where payment is disputed or is likely to be disputed. returns must be accompanied by the original receipt. moochi money cannot be transferred or refunded in cash. we reserve the right to retrospectively adjust your account in the event of incorrect entries due to our mistake or otherwise. we will not provide any consideration for any moochi money that we deduct.

earning moochi money

we calculate the moochi money you earn, on qualifying purchases, by using the ‘accumulated value of qualifying purchases’ reaching a specified value. we will then calculate your moochi money and credit your account when this value is reached. moochi money does not qualify towards the ‘accumulated value’ calculation. please note that bridesmaids orders are not qualifying purchases, as they are a made-to-order option. moochi money cannot be accumulated by, or used towards, a moochi bridesmaids order.


moochi money you earn is available for redemption for a period of six months from your last qualifying purchase. as long as there is activity on your account every six months then your moochi money will not expire. if there has been no activity on your account for more than six months, all moochi money on your account will expire and be removed.

redeeming moochi money

moochi money can be redeemed on all qualifying purchases made at any participating moochi store or online. a maximum of $50 moochi money is redeemable per item in each transaction. a qualifying purchase for redeeming moochi money is a purchase of goods at recommended retail price, rrp. examples of purchases you cannot redeem your moochi money on are, but not limited to:

  • items already discounted from rrp 
  • deposit or payments against laybys
  • in conjunction with any other offer or voucher, unless that offer specifically allows the use moochi money in writing
  • purchasing items for another person

terms & conditions

the terms of this programme may be varied from time to time at the absolute sole discretion of moochi management. changes will be notified to all account holders by way of the valid and active email address associated with the account. we will not provide any consideration for benefits gained or lost by these changes. termination of your moochi money programme we reserve the right to cancel your account at any time without notice and without giving a reason for doing so. we will not provide any consideration for moochi money you've earned but not redeemed, at the time of termination.