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please find our customer support centre below. any additional questions, please contact us here

australian orders

Unfortunately moochi is not currently shipping to Australia or overseas, but we are working hard behind the scenes to bring our Australian customers an awesome new experience soon.. to be the first to know, sign up for our emails or follow us on social media xx

call & collect

call and collect is quick and easy! available between 10am and 4pm daily, just call 0800 moochi to arrange an in store or contactless collection from your local moochi

our teams are here to assist with personal styling, product information and support


please find our FAQs here


our gift cards can be purchased in store, online or over the phone, and redeemed at any moochi store or at if redeeming a physical gift card online, simply enter the unique voucher code at checkout. once added, it will discount your balance off your total. if redeeming an e-gift card in store, simply display the email on your phone screen. gift cards can also be used for phone orders – call 0800 moochi, quote your voucher code and our team will be happy to help.

please find gift cards to purchase here


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moochi money

to get moochi money you need to sign you up to our email newsletters or create an account online and tick the 'sign up for newsletter' box. once you've signed up, every time you make a purchase linked to your account, it adds to your accumulated balance. for every dollar you spend on a full priced product, you get 1 moochi point. when you have accumulated 600 points you will receive a $50 moochi money credit on your account for your next purchase. moochi money can only be earned on and spent on full items. if you are shopping with us online, your moochi money balance will not update until your order has been processed and dispatched

tip: ensure you are logged in to your account online to link the purchase to your account, prior to finalising the transaction

how can I redeem my moochi money?

moochi money can be only be redeemed on all full priced purchases. a maximum of $50 moochi money is redeemable per item in the transaction. to redeem online, you simply need to login to your account, your moochi money will be applied to the transaction by ticking the box in the shopping cart

does my moochi money expire?

there is no time limit on your moochi money. it does immediately expire if you 'unsubscribe' from our email communications


where do I see my balance?

when logged in to your moochi account online, navigate to your account dashboard

why has my moochi money balance not updated?

your moochi money will not update until your online order has been processed and dispatched. it will also not update if you were not logged in to your account when checking out. to claim missing moochi money or purchases towards moochi money, please contact online support here with your order number

terms & conditions

- moochi money cannot be spent on discounted items
- moochi money cannot be earned on discounted items
- moochi money cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or voucher, unless that offer specifically allows the use of moochi money in writing
- moochi money cannot be used when purchasing items for another person
- moochi money cannot be used as a deposit or payment against laybuy
- by joining the moochi money programme you are giving us permission to send you marketing communications
- moochi money will expire if you unsubscribe from our email communications
- if an item is returned or exchanged then the corresponding moochi points are removed pr adjusted

moochi money double points promotion terms & conditions

- double rewards offer is available both in store and online
- you must be signed up to our moochi loyalty base, and subscribed to moochi mail to qualify
- points will be added from up to 5 working days from your purchase
- double points will only be applied for actual dollars spent and does not apply to the use of moochi money, gift cards, credit note, or exchanges as payment for the item
- moochi reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time without prior notice.
- offer not valid in conjunction with any other offers
- returning items will result in any “double rewards” accrued moochi money being deducted from the customer loyalty account

my account

you can create an account on the website or will be prompted to create one as you complete a purchase. If you already have an account you will be prompted to log in. to login, access your account or create an account, please click here. please remember to login when you shop to get your moochi money applied to your account. once logged in, you can update your name, password and birthday. under address book, you can change your default billing and shipping addresses, and add additional shipping addresses. you will only be able to see historical online purchases but not in store purchases (WE are working on making this possible). your moochi money total across ALL your purchases (in store and online) will be visible

update email

if you want to update the email address on your account, please contact us here

reset password

click login > forgot password and enter your account email address. you will be sent an email with a link to reset your password. please check your spam folder if you don't receive this. If you're still having issues, please contact our team here.

my orders

cancelling orders

orders cannot be amended. however, if your order hasn’t been processed yet it may be possible to cancel it.

to cancel an order, first check your order status by logging into your account. in the top right navigation bar, select my account > my orders, then click on the order you want to check. if it says ‘processing’, we may be able to cancel it for you. this order status can change quickly so if you do wish to cancel, please urgently contact our online support by phoning +64 9 358 2138, 9am-5pm, or emailing

tip: if you are simply wanting to change your delivery address,this can only be done if an order hasn't been processed. Please contact our customer service team here

split orders

if your order cannot be fulfilled by a single store we will need to split your order and ship from multiple stores. you will receive multiple shipping emails from us if this is the case. this may take an extra day to organise so thank you for bearing with us.

confirmation email

if everything about the transaction appeared normal but you did not receieve your confirmation email, please check your spam/junk folder. it could also be that you entered your email address incorrectly – this happens! please log into your account again and reviewing "my account" > "my orders" to see if the order was placed. if there are no orders please contact our customer service team here

online warehouse sale

all sale orders will be processed as soon as possible, but please allow up to two weeks to receieve your order. we will update you via email once your order has been processed, and again with your tracking number when it's on its way to you. if you haven't received any emails or if there's something else we can help you with, please contact us here

online warehouse sale purchases are not eligible for returns, refunds or exchanges. under the consumer guarantees act, we do accept returns on faulty products (excluding samples and seconds).

payments is shown and charged in nzd, new zealand dollars. we accept payment via:





for more information on afterpay, please visit their website here

for more information on laybuy, please visit their website here

phone order

product faults

if you believe your moochi item is faulty, please read our product wear & tear section below to understand what we consider wear & tear versus a fault. if you believe your item is faulty and it still has the tags attached, please refer to our returns & refunds section as we can treat this as a return. if you believe your item has become faulty after being worn, or since removing the tags, please see below:

faulty product with tags attached

- please take into your local moochi store or follow our returns process (see section below)

faulty product without tags attached

- this means the product must go through our faulty item process

returning faulty product in store 

  • - please take in to your local moochi store. the staff will support you through the process and advise next steps like organizing for it to be sent back to head office to be assessed

returning faulty product online 

- please email our customer service team at with photos, how you've cared for the garment and an explanation of the issue. once we have more information we can advise about next steps like sending it back for an asssessment

if moochi accepts the fault, we will...

– repair the faulty item and advise a timeframe for the repair
– if it is deemed irreparable we will replace the faulty item with another
– if we cannot replace we will refund the cost of the item

if moochi does not accept the fault, we will...

– explain our reasons
– return the item back to you

product wear & tear

all moochi products are made with the greatest care and attention to detail, however they are not impervious to wear and tear. wear and tear is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of use or ageing.

faults in products generally relate to manufacturing errors or fabrication issues. user error is not considered faulty product.

please see below to see what we consider 'fair wear and tear' and is not a product fault. if after reading the below you feel your issue falls outside of these definitions, please view our product faults tab below

moochi shoes are subject to stringent wear testing to ensure long lasting enjoyment.

we consider 'fair wear and tear' to be:

frayed webbing, worn stitching, scuffing, rubber breakdown, yellowing of white rubber, worn soles and inner sole breakdown.

we wear and care test all our knitwear. we produce in-house care labels with tailored care and maintenance instructions for each garment.

we consider 'fair wear and tear' to be:

pilling: soft, loftier yarns can be prone to pilling with wear. the extent of pilling can depend on a number of factors including the actions of the wearer i.e. there is a greater chance of pilling if the wearer is generally more active, or wears the garment in such contexts that it constantly comes into contact with other surfaces that tend to cause abrasion. if pills do form, they can be removed by hand or by a de-pilling device.

snagging: knitwear snagging can occur when the garment comes into contact with rough surfaces and jewellery. we recommend repairing any snags or unravelled threads immediately to prevent further damage.

shrinkage: it is essential that knitwear is washed and cared for as per the care label to prevent shrinkage. shrinkage is considered user error.

our leathers are sourced from the highest quality manufacturers globally and have a beautiful feel when wearing. leather is a natural, durable substance that is both luxurious and long-lasting. however, leather is not indestructible and requires careful enjoyment and care.

we consider 'fair wear and tear' to be:

ripping: fast or repetitive movement or ongoing pressure to the leather may cause the leather to rip.

fading: leather fading is common with ongoing exposure to the sun.

shading: being a natural product, shading (a form of fading) can occur between different parts of the hide, resulting in slightly different shades of colour in a garment.

leather is a skin and requires ongoing maintenance and leather conditioning. please refer to the care label for advice on how to care for your leather to ensure long lasting enjoyment.

jewellery is often plated or referred to as 'costume' jewellery. we always use the thickest layer of plating possible to ensure maximum enjoyment of these pieces.

we consider 'fair wear and tear' to be:

tarnishing: jewellery will age and tarnish naturally. the rate at which this happens varies, as it has to do with the oils and acids in our skin. to minimise tarnishing, avoid using cosmetics such as hairspray, perfume and moisturisers when wearing.

breakage: jewellery can be knocked or scratched in everyday situations and this is often unavoidable. similarly, broken or snapped jewellery from hard wearing is considered user error.

we recommend using a soft, jewellery-specific polishing cloth to polish your jewellery regularly.

product availability

all our available stock is online at and in our stores. if a product says "out of stock" or is not available in store or online, it has sold out. sometimes items come out in another colour or fabrication. please call us on 0800 moochi and we'll be happy to suggest something similar.

pre order

sometimes we have product available for pre order. please view any pre order product here. if you place a pre order online, you will get a confirmation email, and then a shipping email when it is instock and dispatched to you. if you place it instore, you will get a shipping email when it is in stock and dispatched to you.

online exclusives

please view all the product that is exclusively available online here. this product is not available in store

product care

i am the easiest garment to care for – that’s why they call me a faithful. pop me in a wash bag and wash on a cold delicate cycle. if i’m white and you want me to stay this way, never mix me with other colours. once i’m washed, hang me on a smooth hanger and let me air dry

+ always air dry over using a dryer or heated towel rail as i can develop static electricity

+ keep nails smooth and jewellery away from me to avoid snagging my fabric

please wash me inside out in a garment bag on a cold delicate cycle and hang me to dry by the hanger tape you’ll find just inside my waistline. to iron safely and to avoid snagging, i prefer to be pressed inside out on a cool heat.

push my angled seams all one way, either up or down for a nice smooth feature line

+ keep me away from sharp objects that could catch and cause snagging

hand wash me with cool water and a delicate wool detergent to get the longest life out of me. most importantly, do not put me near any heat, do not tumble dry and keep me off heated towel rails, or else i might shrink due to my natural fibres

+ invest in an electric de-piller, as even high-quality merino can pill due to the natural fibre structure

+ you don’t need to wash me too regularly as my fibres contain lanolin, which protects against odour-causing bacteria if i am cared for properly

hand wash me with cool water and a delicate wool detergent to get the longest life out of me. do not put me near any heat, do not tumble dry and keep me off heated towel rails, or else i might shrink due to my natural fibres

+ invest in an electric de-piller, as even high-quality merino can pill due to the natural fibre structure

+ you don’t need to wash me too regularly as my fibres contain lanolin, which protects against odour-causing bacteria if i am cared for properly

i am pretty easy to look after, in fact i recommend washing me rarely. if i do need a freshen up, turn me inside out and pop me in a delicate cycle with gentle detergent. line dry me outside, avoiding the dryer as this can cause shrinkage

+ place me in a bag and pop me in the freezer overnight to refresh me between washes, it works!

i have a special coating on the outside of my fabric. to keep me looking new, minimal washing is encouraged. if i need a clean please hand wash me gently. keep the water cool and lay me flat in the shade to dry. you could also hang me to dry using the hanger tape sewn inside my waistband. do not iron or tumble dry me as heat can cause my coating to come away

+ spot clean me with a damp cloth between washes

+ place me in bag and pop me in the freezer overnight to refresh me

you can machine wash me but with like-colours only please, whites will go grey if mixed with other shades. once washed, hang me to air dry and then iron me with a medium to hot iron. you can then fold me and pop me in a drawer, but i would prefer to be hung on a smooth hanger so i don’t get folding creases before you wear me

+ use a black concentrated detergent to keep your black cotton looking sharp

always hang me up after wearing rather than slinging me over a chair arm, this keeps all my linings right where they should be. never wash me yourself, always choose a trusted dry cleaner that you know will take care of me. if i need a light iron, use a smooth, clean towel as a layer between the iron and me to prevent any marking. hang me up or pop me on straight after

+ to keep my cloth looking sharp, brush me down with a lint brush to remove any stray dust, hair and fibres

+ if you lose one of my buttons, there should be a spare in a bag behind the swing tags. if not, just email us at and we will get one out to you

as soon as you’ve brought me home, invest in a good leather conditioner and leather protector. the trick is to condition and protect me at the start of every season

+ if i am your luxe leather clothing, don’t leave me on the ground or that bedroom chair! i need to be hung up or softly folded to hold my construction for years to come

+ if i am your luxe leather bag, don’t leave me on the ground as my buttery soft surface can scratch

+ if you are using me only occasionally, keep me stored in a dust bag in a cool and dry environment

if my leather is white, wipe me with a damp cloth frequently. to keep my elastic fresh and bright, moochi royal’s carina swears by sard soap and a little bit of water applied with a toothbrush

+ use a mild soap

+ pop in a dust bag between wears to avoid any extra scuffing

keep me away from excessively chlorinated, salty, light, humid or acidic products/environments as these can cause me to oxidise. examples include spas, pools, body lotion and perfumes

+ don't display your silver jewellery in a window that gets a lot of sun/heat

+ if your silver moochi jewellery does oxidise, invest in a polishing cloth or take it to your nearest moochi store for a quick clean

if you have any questions about any other moochi product, please don't hestitate to reach out to our team here

returns & refunds

instore returns

– only eligible for store credit or an exchange
– must be returned within 10 days to your nearest moochi store
– original tags must be attached and packaging intact
– items must be in new, unworn, saleable condition, determined by moochi upon inspection
– proof of purchase inlcuded made by way of receipt, order/invoice number or customer account transaction
– where moochi money has been redeemed, the proportionate value will be deducted from the value of the goods being refunded

online returns

– eligible for refund to original form of payment or store credit
– items must be returned within 14 days
– original tags must be attached and packaging intact
– items must be in new, unworn, saleable condition, determined by moochi upon inspection
– please fill out returns form on the back of your invoice that is included in your parcel

– where moochi money has been redeemed, the proportionate value will be deducted from the value of the goods being refunded

exclusions: SALE ITEMS ARE FINAL PURCHASE AND ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR A RETURN, EXCHANGE OR REFUND. earrings are not eligible to be returned for hygiene reasons. any itemS with tag removed ARE ineligble to be returned.

faulty product: if you believe your item is faulty, please refer to product faults section below

can i get a refund?

only online purchases are eligible for a refund to the original form of payment. please indicate your preference on the returns form.

when will i receive my refund?

we endeavor to process eligible returns and refunds within 3 working days. once completed you will receive a confirmation email. if you do not receive this, please contact our online support team at, or phone 0800 moochi with your order number ready. depending on your card provider (bank), your refund may take up to 5-7 days to appear in your account.

can i exchange an item?

in store, all eligible returns, can be exchanged free of charge. online we are unable to offer an exchange. we recommend immediately re-purchasing the item online to ensure it does not sell out, then returning the original item following the online return process above.

my package has arrived but it's not correct. what do i do?

whoops, we are so sorry! if this happens please contact our customer service to let us know. some of our styles sell super fast, so to avoid disappointment we strongly suggest jumping online straight away and re-ordering the item you wanted. then, return the incorrect item for a refund following our returns process.

what is the online warehouse sale returns policy?

items purchased in the online warehouse sale are deemed final sale and are not eligible for return or exchange unless faulty.

size guides

the size shown is new zealand standard sizing. our moochi size guide can be found at the bottom of every product page, and contains standard measurements plus international sizing conversions. we also recommend you read the fit details for each individual product. you will find these under view details > designer's notes.

tip: for personalised fit help, call 0800 moochi between 9am-5pm and one of our friendly store team will be happy to assist.

shipping & delivery

standard shipping

standard shipping is 1-3 working days. We will process your order as soon as possible within standard business hours

We will send you an order confirmation email when your order is placed, and a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number when your order is processed. if you don't receive these please check your spam/junk folder

please note: there may be a 3-5 working day delay on your package due to covid. please be patient and if you have any questions contact us at

sale events

due to increase volume during sale periods, it may take us longer than normal. we endeavour to get your items to you within 2 weeks of ordering.

tracking number

included in your shipping confirmation email is your tracking number. this number only becomes active once the courier scans the package, so please allow up to 24hrs for it to appear in their system. if you can't find your tracking number please email with your order number.

if your order hasn't yet shipped, please contact us as we may be able to amend it or cancel it. once a parcel is processed we can't change the delivery address.

you can track and manage your shipment options here. for the quickest resolution to any courier-related queries you are best to contact nz post on 0800 268 7437 with your tracking number ready. this will enable you to communicate any issues directly and approve a delivery solution you are happy with. all moochi packages are delivered 'signature required'. we recommend against having a 'permission to leave' status on your property as we cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen packages. if you do not hear anything from Nz post, please contact us at if they have lost or failed to deliver your package within a reasonable timeframe, we will send you a replacement order

note: for clarity, packages not in your possession but that the courier has a delivery signature for do not necessarily constitute a claim. the person who signed for the package needs to be located in the first instance.

whoops, we are so sorry! if this happens please contact our customer service to let us know. some of our styles sell super fast, so to avoid disappointment we strongly suggest jumping online straight away and re-ordering the item you wanted. then, return the incorrect item for a refund following our returns process

if your order is damaged, please retain all packaging, and take photos and videos if possible and contact nz post on 0800 268 7437. this will help speed up your claim.

steal styles

how do i redeem my style steals voucher online?

style steals vouchers can be redeemed exclusively on products shown on the 'style steals' page. add one of these products to your cart and simply enter your style steals voucher code at the checkout.

my style steals voucher does not work. why?

– style steals vouchers are valid for 1 month from purchase. please check the expiry date
– style steals vouchers can only be redeemed on style steals product. double check the item in your cart is showing on the 'style steals' page. if it isn't, your style steals voucher will not be applied. please note, this can sometimes include the same style in a different colour

if your voucher is still valid and the exact item is showing on the style steals page but your discount is not being applied, please email or phone 0800 moochi (0800 666 244) and one of our friendly in store team can help you out.

a few things to note:
- style steals vouchers can only be redeemed on full priced item
- style steals vouchers can only be redeemed once per customer
- purchasing gift card in-store? you will receive a physical gift card
- purchasing gift card over the phone? you will be sent a physical gift card in the mail. call 0800 moochi and our team will process your order
- purchasing gift card online? you can choose between an e-gift card, emailed to you, or a physical gift card which we will pop in the post.


you can find more detailed product, fit and style information by clicking view details on the product quick view screen. this will bring up designer's notes, and general information on a product’s fit, composition, sizing, plus care instructions, other colours, and in-store availability. for more personalised fit help, it’s best to call 0800 moochi between 9am-5pm and one of our friendly store team will be happy to assist.

how can i get styling advice?

we would love to help you find your moochi style. our in store stylists have excellent product knowledge and can suggest the best and latest ways to wear our products. please contact us here

terms & privacy

please view our terms & conditions here

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