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palette five | faithfuls

a contemporary, fashion-led exploration of colour and movement that captures the very spirit of sirocco, palette five sees the full potential of faithfuls realised with easy-wearing pieces designed for warm, windswept days

esteem tee
delivering early november

conclude dress
delivering early november

effect top
delivering mid november

from brick red, burgundy and bark to bright cobalt blue paisley and handpainted neutral stripes, sirocco's vast colour spectrum incorporates bold washes of rich, warm hues, enlivened by busy prints bursting with summer energy

diffusion dress
delivering late november

diffuse tee
delivering late november

staying dress
delivering early december

adding structure and definition to feminine dresses featuring exaggerated frills, gathers and other maximalist details, drop waist silhouettes and strong seamwork bring a masculine energy that ensures them a place in your everyday wardrobe

airy dress
delivering mid december

compel dress
delivering mid december

stays top
delivering mid january

region dress
delivering late january

no faithfuls palette is complete without failsafe black and white layers, but for a unique monochrome option that conjures speckled ironsand and volcanic rock, consider the soft stripe region dress, made from 100% regenerated chiffon

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