at the core of where moochi started twenty four years ago, mount maunganui, you’ll find our vibrant and dynamic local store, moochi main

a familiar face to many, jody has been expertly styling the mount community and visitors alike for over three years

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
working for a new zealand owned company & knowing our clothes are designed for new zealand women & our kiwi lifestyle

what is your favourite thing about the mount?
can never get tired of mauao and the beautiful beaches

where do you go when you want a sweet treat?
mount made for a doughnut!

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tell us a wardrobe hack you can’t live without
investing in key pieces that work hard for you and form the basis of all your wardrobe dressing

what’s your go to spot to grab your morning coffee?
just next door at soul boul cafe

what is your winter wardrobe must have?
a classic coat

any easy styling tips to lift your look?
don’t forget to finish your look with current footwear, and never underestimate the power of a good accessory!

a moochi main team favourite?
a blazer! it’s a versatile piece that elevates any outfit and makes you feel good  


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