a day in the life

capturing moments to aspire to, she knows how to make life at moochi design pod picturesque. known to us as our resident hype woman, see behind the lens with our content creator, Nicole Easton, as she shares insight into her typical workday

starting my day off right with a great playlist and a stroll around my local park. I like to pump the tunes to really set the tone and get me hyped for the day ahead. I’ve been the content creator at moochi for about a year and a half now, having started out as a store manager before initially moving into design pod as a visual merchandising assistant. these steps in my career have helped me create a deep understanding of all the dimensions of a moochi woman, and build a space that speaks to all. mentally preparing for a lengthy commute into the city – it’s a bit of a snooze, so the tunes stay rolling!

a day in the life
8am - social planning

arriving at moochi design pod, our head office in grey lynn, the first thing I need is a cup of peppermint tea in hand. I start each day by looking over the instagram grid, where I plan our outgoing social media posts for the coming weeks. we deliver new products every week, so it’s my job to balance coverage of these items while also being responsive to our audience, and how other products are performing. there’s a lot of moving parts but being flexible and adaptable is key. after getting on top of any urgent changes, it’s time to huddle with the rest of the marketing team to align on our priorities

today, I’m popping in store to support in capturing content for upcoming gaps in the grid. we love to feature our store team on socials, so each week I brief our teams on what content we desire. seeing imagery from stores rolling in is a highlight in my days, they inspire me just as much as our customers do! being genuine is a key factor to success with social media - so I leave plenty of room for them to express themselves authentically

back in the office, one lunch break and coke zero later, it’s time for me to plan an upcoming content shoot. this always gets my creative juices flowing and is one of my favorite parts of my role! these shoots involve proposing locations, models, and building mood boards to represent my vision. I liaise closely with our merchandising team to align on products and styling, to help bring their vision to fruition

a day in the life
4:30pm - studio prepping

final task before the day is over! we have an ecommerce shoot tomorrow, which I photograph in our in-office studio. these days are always packed, and we have quite a few hands on deck, so ensuring my prep is done is essential to a smooth process. equipment is charged, the studio is spotless… and I’m just about ready for bed

6pm - dinner out

my favourite time of the day is here; dinner. following lunch time convo, some of the girls from the office and I have come to agreement that popping down to nishiki for a cheeky bite is necessary. can never go past the miso eggplant dish (thank me later). off I go!

a day in the life
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