moochi has been a proud and long time supporter of breast cancer cure, a cause that champions women’s health and funds research projects that continue to push us one step closer to a cure

In true moochi style we have designed an apt iteration to our timeless moochi xx logo to create a minimal graphic crew for this winter’s BCC tees for a cure. With the modern minimalist in mind, this design showcases our moochi iconic xx logo incorporated with an all over moochi, a bold and evoking timeless graphic crew

the limited edition sweater will be available for pre order now through breast cancer cure, delivering from june 12


why is supporting breast cancer cure so important to you? 


juliet: a few years ago, i lost my mum and a good friend to breast cancer. through this painful experience, i saw firsthand how vital breast cancer research is in supporting both the individual and their families. breast cancer research has the power to save lives, or at least support in extending the lives of individuals and improve the quality of life for those affected. for me, supporting the search for a cure is not only about honoring my mum and friend, but also means i can channel my grief into meaningful action. it’s about ensuring access to early detection for everyone, with the hope of receiving quality & individualized treatment if needed 

claire: i recently went through the nerve-racking process of needing the help and support of the mercy breast clinic. the technology is already so advanced, but resources need to reach more people! i strongly believe (being under the screening age myself) that screening should be happening a lot sooner 

josie: it's important to me because i feel that there is a lack of awareness. by supporting breast cancer and raising awareness, it prompts people to take precautions, become more educated and take care of one another

how would you encourage conversations around awareness of breast cancer? 


claire: i openly talk about my health journey with anyone willing to listen, and i encourage them to do the same! i'm an open book, sharing is caring right? i’m also a mum of two teen girls, and i encourage them to talk with me about their breast health. it is so important to instill from an early age that we can talk about sickness with no judgment. it’s not always a pleasant thing to consider or discuss, but as a family, we are there to support each other. during my recent scare we talked

juliet: given my personal experiences, the conversations are easier to instigate as i know how important early detection is. my three sisters and i check in with each other, making sure we are doing our monthly self-examinations and yearly mammograms. normalising the conversation with friends to encourage examinations is important. sadly many of us are affected by breast cancer, which means sharing stories can make the topic more relatable, and can encourage others to join the conversation too 

josie: i personally always talk about the importance of monitoring and having regular check ups. i also try to engage more with younger generations on the topic, so it gives them more of an understanding and initiates that education and awareness

how will you support the breast cancer cure foundation this year?  


josie: i would love to donate and participate in the pink ribbon walk 

juliet: i will continue to support breast cancer research by giving annual donations and being involved in fund raising events. in the past i have walked the half marathon for walking stars, a fantastic fund raising event that the cancer society organizes. this year i hope to be involved in one of these events and would love to give the pink ribbon walk a go! 

Claire: being a part of this photoshoot was important to me. it wasn’t until i saw imagery of our last campaign that i got serious about checking in on myself. i had previously felt a lump and dismissed it – not knowing what it should feel like, and in some ways avoiding it. after moochi’s last campaign, i went into the clinic and was then fast-tracked through the system, having surgery within the same month – thankfully turned out to be benign. so this is me - giving back to the very resource that helped me!  

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