a day in the life

in celebration of mother’s day, we sat down with some mothers and daughters from our team at moochi design pod.
from how they have influenced each other’s style, to being a role model, tune in as we chat fashion and motherhood

a day in the life

Q: for you, what does it mean to be a mother?
for me, it can mean so many things. motherhood can be overwhelming, confusing and hard at times,
but the cuddles, giggles and unconditional love makes being a mum everything

Q: in what ways do you want to be a role model for your daughter?
I just want to be a kind, grateful and open mummy to kōwhai, and I’m hoping she will be the same

a day in the life

Q: has becoming a mother changed your style?
I think so, but I can’t tell if this was a natural change or something that changed with becoming a mum
I invest in pieces that fit well and are timeless, like a good blazer or knit sweater
top pick from palette two:
furtive full length jean - easy wearing and just looks cool on
attune midi dress - it’s so effortless to wear but looks so luxe, I can easily wear it to the office and then out for dinner
a day in the life
Q: what do you love about your mum?
I love her warm cuddles and pretty hair

a day in the life
a day in the life

Q: describe your mum in three words
loving, hardworking and fun!

Q: how did your mum influence your style/perception of fashion?
as I’ve matured over the years, my mum’s style and outlook has shaped mine. she always looks elegant and
polished, whether she’s attending an event or simply running errands. even in the most understated outfits, she
elevates it with accessories and a statement shoe or jacket. she’s ingrained in me from a young age that dressing for
where you aspire to be in life leads you closer to it, and that when you look your best you feel your best.

Top picks:
Unbutton shirt - a classic white shirt with a twist

a day in the life
ride vest
coached pintuck pant

Burn shirt | burn skirt | chief loafer
Linear vest | Coached pintuck pant | ballet buckle flat

a day in the life

Q: what values or lessons did your mother instill in you that you have
passed down to your daughters? 
my mother always taught me that it costs nothing to be kind, and that it’s
always better to be overdressed than underdressed

Q: do you have a piece in your archive that you would give your daughters?
a stunning cream fur coat that my mother passed down to me with removable
long sleeve, transforming it into a vest. this renders it an endlessly versatile
and timeless addition to my wardrobe. it’s very special to me and I look
forward to my girls wearing it

Top picks:
my favourite piece from the new palette is the gorgeous onward trench in
khaki, such a great pop of colour for a winter staple. I also love the coached pintuck pants

a day in the life
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