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moochi people | meet lizzie

Next up in our Moochi People Series is Lizzie our technical product developer at Moochi design pod. we took 10 minutes to talk about her role, style, inspiration & where her love of fashion originated

Tell us about your role at Moochi

My role is technical product developer. i collaborate closely with our design team to translate design concepts into tangible prototypes. we then develop the successful prototypes into the final pieces you see in store. We focus on every detail of the garment from fabric to fit making sure every design detail works hard for our moochi customer, always keeping them front of mind

What is your style and source of inspiration

my personal style is a blend of relaxed timelessness with a strong sense of femininity. My wardrobe is predominantly comprised of neutral and earthy tones which makes coordinating outfits effortless. I draw inspiration constantly from daily life that surrounds me and my circle of wonderful friends

What does your typical day look like

a typical weekday for me is getting ready for the day with my partner and two pre-schoolers, some days i will wake before them to sneak in some pilates or yoga as finding time for myself is so important

once i’ve arrived at moochi design pod, my day is full! From garment fitting sessions on our fit model to inspecting and analysing samples, fabric testing and communicating with our suppliers the day flies fast. And of course making coffee and chatting with the many brilliant people on the moochi team

what does fashion mean to you and how is it part of your everyday

fashion has always played a significant role in shaping my life, all starting at 10 years old when my sister imparted her sewing skills to me, igniting my passion. i hold a deep admiration for impeccably crafted garments, valuing their artistry and attention to detail

what are your three favourite picks from palette two and why

i am loving the ruched waist and off shoulder cut of the collision dress, its very flattering. i also can’t walk past the appear coat without admiring the herringbone fabric and classic styling, the appoint top in khaki green is another favourite, I adore the colour and the shirred cuffs

thanks to our friends at corcovado for having us. you can visit there show room here 
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