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we are celebrating the opening of our latest retail location in the Capital, a sister store for the already present Moochi Lane. step inside, take a look around and meet our wellington team

dual site manager of our sister stores, moochi lane and moochi capital

please share a little bit more about yourself and any defining moments that lead you to where you are today

i've loved retail my whole life. my first job was at a very popular lingerie label in toronto, canada. i started in the stockroom when i was 17. one day, the store was short staffed, so i got flung onto the sales floor to help out. i loved it! since then, i've worked in various capacities in the retail world, including owning my own sports footwear franchise in auckland for 12 years


what do you love about wellington? what are your favourite places to visit and things to do?

i absolutely love wellington. it has such a vibe and a fabulous creative culture, not to mention so many fabulous places to eat! one of my favourites at the moment is oikos in strathmore which serves fresh, rustic greek food. on my day off, you will probably find me drinking a coffee on Lyall Bay Beach watching the surfers and the planes fly in


what does a typical day in your life look like?

life is busy, but in the best of ways. i like to start the day at the gym (body fit training wellington) followed by a great breakfast while watching the news. when i'm glamming up, i always listen to an inspiring or funny podcast like "smartless" or mel robbins. then i'm ready for a busy and rewarding day of making my fabulous welly ladies look and feel great!

assistant manager of moochi lane

what does fashion mean to you and how is it part of your everyday?

as someone who has always had a creative drive and stepping out of an architectural degree, fashion gives me another outlet where i can be expressive. i believe there is a strong relationship between fashion and architecture; i like to think that architecture creates inhabitable art where fashion creates wearable art


how would you describe your personal style? has it always been this way or has it evolved over the years? is it something one learns with age?  

when i first started at moochi i would have called my style a serious work in progress. but over the past few years i have developed a personal sense of style which my lovely moochi lane team refers to as “contemporary with a twist.” my confidence in my own personal style has evolved over the past few years and will be forever changing as i move through life


what do you love most about wearing moochi? how does it make you feel? what are your favourite pieces (current and upcoming for p4)?

for me, moochi gives me an elevated feeling of confidence whether i’m off duty or at work. the great thing about moochi pieces is in the various styling approaches that are created and remain unique to everyone. the way in which i style a piece is always different to another, showcasing and expressing someone’s individuality. moochi has taught me how to build a capsule wardrobe with pieces i know i will keep forever

dual site casual between moochi lane and moochi capital

dual site full time between moochi lane and moochi capital

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