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My Moochi Style Sarah Chueh

we sat down with beauty engine founder, Sarah chueh, at her home in central auckland. a lover of a mindful life, we discussed all things work, home, and style

we would love to get to know you - tell us a bit about your story, how do you find balance between motherhood, work, play, and taking time for yourself?

to balance my commitments to both work and family, I structure and plan my time wisely. tranquil hours of the morning are precious moments for me - immersing myself in literature and meditation before preparing my children for school has become a cherished ritual. I treasure quality time with them after school and on weekends. recently, I’ve made the deliberate choice to scale back on their extracurricular activities, valuing one-on-one interactions with them even more. as the evening descends and the girls are in bed, I devote my attention to work, relishing the uninterrupted focus (though my little helpers are always eager to lend a hand)

tell us about your journey with beauty engine - how did it begin? what has it been like starting a business?

reflecting on my journey, my career initially blossomed in the beauty industry, where I worked with renowned skincare brands. passionate about skincare and the transformative impact it has on people’s lives, I felt a profound shift upon becoming a mother. motivated by a desire to create products that prioritize healing, soothing, and gentleness, I embarked on the mission to develop formulations that align with my values. my aim was to craft skincare solutions that not only nurture my own skin, but also without harming my daughters when we have skin to skin interactions. simplifying our skincare routines amidst our bustling lifestyles became a driving force behind my entrepreneurial endeavour

navigating the terrain of entrepreneurship has been a remarkable journey. from conceptualizing formulas to refining packaging, coming up with marketing strategies to navigating sales channels, every step has been imbued with learning and growth. despite occasional setbacks and unforeseen delays, I’ve been blessed with the unwavering support of compassionate and understanding vendors, transforming business transactions into meaningful connections akin to forging new friendships

our perception of self-care has expanded so much in recent years, from beauty and health to emotional wellness - what does self care mean to you?
I’ve learned, self care is a deeply personal journey. it’s definitely not one size fits all. for me, it entails attuning to subtle signals of stress that manifest in various ways. recognizing these indicators prompts me to engage in gentle yoga sessions to unwind. embracing a diet rich in vibrant, nourishing foods serve as pillars of my self-care regimen. central to this practice is cultivating self-awareness, knowing when to seek assistance, and embracing the fleeting beauty of each passing moment
what’s next for you and beauty engine?  
I’m deeply committed to integrating the essence of nature into our everyday lives. presently, I’m delving into the realm of novel ingredients, experimenting with diverse textures and finishes to craft our upcoming body product. rather than rushing the process, I have learnt to embrace the journey, this deliberate pace allows ideas to flourish and evolve, ultimately manifesting in the exceptional quality of our offerings

in tandem with product development, I remain steadfast in my pursuit of making Beauty Engine a trailblazer in sustainability and environmental responsibility. continual research drives our quest to minimize our carbon footprint, prioritize renewable resources, and foster community well-being. each decision is guided by our unwavering commitment to leaving a positive impact on both people and the planet

in three words, how would you define your style?
minimal, timeless and chic
how does fashion play a part in your every day? what inspires your wardrobe?
fundamental fashion pieces play a role in my daily life. while my wardrobe leans towards neutrality, it embodies a timeless elegance and versatility that seamlessly adapts to various occasions and moods. I find inspiration in clean lines, classic silhouettes, and understated sophistication, which form the foundation of my personal style. embracing a minimalist approach, I prioritize quality over quantity, investing in pieces that exude craftsmanship and enduring appeal. ultimately, my wardrobe reflects my commitment to simplicity, refinement, and the inherent beauty of understatement

almost gone

what draws you to moochi? how does it make you feel?
I’d often stroll past a moochi store and feel myself stopping to admire the pieces. I’ve come to find that for me, moochi evokes a sense of femininity and grace, embodying the essence of timeless style
what are your favourite pieces from palette one and why?
I adore the conclude vest paired with the pleated skirt. it offers a versatile option, as you can wear the vest with or without a shirt to play with texture and contrast. meanwhile, the pleated skirt is incredibly flattering and adaptable, perfectly complementing sneakers, flats, or boots depending on the occasion.
as for the latching denim shirt and glowed jean, the oversized relaxed fit is simply irresistible. it’s the epitome of effortless style, perfect for a laid-back day

quick fire questions

Favourite season to dress for? All Seasons
Must have product? My Mary Jane shoes
What motivates you? My girls
Favourite cafe/restaurant? Scare crow, baduzzi
What are you listening to? ross & rachel by jake Miller
Go to drink? Tumeric latte

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