with a knack for visual storytelling, crafting imaginative concepts and arguably one of the biggest wardrobes in the business (she has three) meet mariel, our marketing creative lead

our moochi people series aims to give you a glimpse into the goings on of moochi, the people behind what you experience when shopping with us both in store and online, and the different and defining elements that make the moochi you know and love








explain a bit about your role within team moochi

as marketing's creative lead, i work within the marketing department and closely alongside the designers and retail team. in essence i am responsible for the overall look and feel for each of the palettes and how that is brought to life in the real world. my days in the office are filled with a vast array of projects from campaign concepting to in store activations, digital to print, and let me tell you, it is never boring! as i am sure with many other work places, the marketing team would not be able to do what they do without the help of other departments, but i am grateful to work with a wonderful group of people that make it so easy and enjoyable

mariel wears













tell us about a current exciting project you’re working on

first week back from the holidays, we dived head first into the launch of the upcoming palette one. i am super excited to see how you, the customers react to not only the garments but also how we bring them to life! stay tuned, good things are coming first week of february!












pick one key staple style that has seen you through the summer

i am a big fan of stylish yet comfortable and easy pieces. i just want to chuck something on and go, so oversized dresses are definitely what i lean towards to see me through the warmer weather


mariel wears

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