my moochi style

zeenat's mother's day picks

What do you love most about being a Mum?

Zeenat wears the bypass blazer, module rib singlet and glowed pant

01. Luxe assemble blazer | 02. module rib singlet | 03. Glowed pant

Fixture sweater
Available in store & online Wednesday

Fixture cardi
Available in store & online Wednesday

Zeenat wears the swerve dress
Available in store & online Wednesday

How are you hoping to spend your Mother’s Day this year?

this is my second mother’s day and i am being a lot more proactive on what i want and how i want to celebrate this day. if all goes well, i will be having brunch with the family in the morning and then i would much rather spend the rest of the day with my girlfriends filling up my cup. in terms of gifts, luke has been given very specific instructions...

01. Bypass blazer | 02. Sprint trainer | 03. Glowed pant

What are your favourite moochi picks for Mother’s day and why?

Oblate bracelet | xx necklace (available in gold + silver) | xx earrings (available in gold + silver)

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